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Welcome To Boot Hill

Some background about the film : "Welcome To Boot Hill"

While I was pretending to get an education at Scottsdale Community College I produced a low budget movie with the assistance of other students and for a short time we enjoyed some local recognition through a film makers competition held at at Arizona State University. You had to be a student at that college to participate in the competition so I arranged for Bob Mars to submit this ten minute work of art and surprisingly enough we came in 3rd place.

After rediscovering this super eight film I decided to restore the movie and with the assistance of my web host William Gately we created a new sound track to accompany this vintage production.

I apologize to everyone who is not mentioned in the credits since that particular part of the movie was lost over the years.

I will try my best to update the credits of this film. I would like to formally apologize to Wyatt and Terry Earp for the historical flaws of this movie. I was after all a mere college student when we originally made this film.

To everyone who made this work of art possible, I thank you.

James Reade

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